About the Team

Our Family is our priority and our pride and joy. We have been so blessed by God with our own family of four humans and 3 dogs, a tight nit community of believers in the area which we are proud to see as spiritual family as well as health and provision. God has also graced us with a talent and passion for Graphic and website design which we do in His name and for His Glory.

God's Creation our FamilyAs a family and a business our mission is to keep God at the centre of our lives including
everything we take on and our ultimate lifestyle theme is captured perfectly in Joshua 24:15.

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” ~ Joshua 24:15
While not at work, Lynette and I (Nikolai) enjoy going for leisurely walks as well as cycling and spending time together as a family. We have two children, Ethan is our boisterous fun loving 3 year old while Amy is our miracle princess of 8 Months. We have 3 dogs, Melissa is our lazy old bones Golden retriever, Goofy our adopted Boerboel Rottweiler young man and Rolo our very hyper active dachshund.

In short ~ we love to be together, and do anything and everything together.
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"But as for me and my house, we will serve the lord" - Joshua 24:15
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