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God’s Creation offers website design at a rate of R62-00 per hour.

Our websites are uniquely designed, fully functional and cross browser friendly. We also offer Search engine optimisation which helps to get your website a good ranking on search engines like google. At God’s Creation we do not believe in template designing which means that your website will be completely individual and unique. We also offer additional marketing to help drive traffic (visitors) to your website.

We believe each website is as individual as you are and therefore we have no preset prices. Get in touch with us to discuss what you want, and we will set up a quotation for you.

Important note:

God's Creation top web designerTo get the best out of your website it is important to remember that websites should be ever-evolving. As browsers change and update your website may become outdated and no longer be compatible with the newer technology which means that users viewing your website from newer browsers will not be able to experience a fully functional website and may lose out on valuable content or information. In addition to this there is often newer better ways to do things like for example newer ways of coding galleries or dropdown menu’s etc. A good Google ranking website with a good amount of traffic (visitors to the website) is also the result of continuous updates and improvements to existing websites and will seldom be achieved once-off (and if it is achieved, will be lost as the website ages). Therefore it is important to have your website updated regularly so that your website will grow along with your business and become a successful marketing tool.

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